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Our story

Eggy was born out of the pain of managing that big, scrambled and relentless deluge of household life admin.

Founders Dr Kate Morgan and Kirk Reynoldson defied the odds to build a mobile app that’s now loved by thousands of busy families.

But soon, employers and HR leaders saw the Eggy app magic and wanted the same efficiencies for their frontline employees.

So now, we’ve made that possible too, with Eggy Work - the all-in-one work-life management system for today’s mobile workforces.

That's why we're here. Customer service and support teams at more than 25,000 businesses use Path complete customer service solution every day to drive faster growth through better relationships.

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The complete automated and company service solution

Our Mission

At Path our mission is to empower businesses by seamlessly intertwining Human Resources and Customer Relationship Management through innovative SaaS solutions. Our mission is to simplify complexities, enhance user experiences, and drive sustained success for our clients, ensuring they thrive in an ever-evolving business landscape.

Our Vision

We envision a future where businesses thrive with unparalleled efficiency, powered by our cutting-edge HR and CRM SaaS solutions. At Path we aspire to be the driving force behind a global shift towards seamless, intelligent, and human-centric workforce management and customer relationship engagement.

At Path our overarching goal is to redefine industry standards by providing a dynamic and adaptive HR and CRM SaaS platform. We aim to empower businesses of all sizes to optimize their operations, foster employee growth, and cultivate enduring customer relationships. Our goal is to be recognized as a catalyst for positive change, driving innovation that reshapes the landscape of workforce management and customer engagement. We are committed to exceeding the evolving needs of our clients, promoting efficiency, and contributing to their sustained success.

Our values

This, and the lure of a good coffee, is what drives us every day.
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Doing cool stuff with people who have each other’s backs - in good times and hard ones.
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A better life

Taking away the complexities to make the daily grind a whole lot easier for all of us.
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Making Magic

Finding a way to make it possible and do something that's never been done.
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Our wins

We’re damn proud of what we - and our community - have achieved.
And the best is yet to come.

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